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GTA 6 Leak: Hacker Threatens To Publish GTA 5 And GTA 6 Source Code

Over the weekend, an unknown person released more than 90 videos purporting to show Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay. There is now new information about this, above all that it was or is apparently an attempt at blackmail, which involves the source code of GTA 5, among other things. It’s the biggest gaming leak of the year, maybe even of all time:

On Saturday, around 90 videos allegedly from the next part of Grand Theft Auto appeared online. The Source of the material is an early development build showing the engine and gameplay. The material also confirms numerous rumors that have recently been circulating about GTA 6. Even if there is no certainty: it is increasingly likely that the material is genuine. Insider Tom Henderson, known in the leak scene, has now via Twitter Various new information and background information on the GTA 6 material and its origin have been compiled. He paints a rather adventurous picture of how the videos got public. GTA 6 Leak: Video Fast Food Restaurant.

Source code of GTA 5 and GTA 6

Because the person responsible seems to be an attempt at blackmail by a single hacker who claims that the video material from Grand Theft Auto 6 “unexpectedly” went viral. The stranger is currently trying to get in touch with developer Rockstar Games.

He demands an “at least” five-digit sum and otherwise threatens to publish the source code of Grand Theft Auto 5, i.e. the predecessor. According to his own information, the hacker not only has the source code of GTA 5, but also of Grand Theft Auto 6, but the latter is not (yet) up for discussion.

According to Henderson, a person posing as a Rockstar employee was able to contact the hacker. In that conversation, he reiterated the source code claims and said that the IT team can check the log files if they want proof that access was made.

If the GTA 5 source code does leak, it could be a huge problem for Rockstar. Because GTA Online is and remains extremely popular, the source code could lead to security problems and cheats as a result.