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GTA 5 surpasses 170 million sales, Take-Two takes the opportunity to tease GTA 6

In its latest financial report, Rockstar announces that GTA 5 has sold more than 170 million copies since its release. The video game giant thus remains second in the ranking behind Minecraft. On the occasion, the management of Take-Two, the title’s publisher, said GTA 6 would push the creative boundaries in entertainment.

If GTA has always been a reference in video games, it is indeed GTA 5 that has definitively placed the saga between most profitable of all time. And for good reason, nearly 10 years after its release, the title continues to sell like hot cakes – and to fund all other Rockstar projects. During the initial incarceration, the craze had also been revived, with the game reaching 135 million sales.

Since then, the GTA craze hasn’t gone away. In its latest financial report for the second quarter of 2022, Rockstar announces that it has broken the colossal figure of 170 million copies of its showpiece. Since the previous quarter, therefore, 5 million copies have been sold worldwide. Despite these impressive results, GTA 5 remains a close second overall, well behind Minecraft and its 380 million turnover.

GTA 5 continues to sell, GTA 6 will radically change everything

GTA is certainly one of the most popular video games of all time, but Rockstar can mainly count on it the multiple versions of the title which come out with every new console launched on the market. If the studio doesn’t specify its sales figures on every platform, it’s easy to imagine that the majority of the 5 million units sold last quarter are the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions released this year.

Another interesting number, the report indicates that Rockstar almost has doubled its workforce since 2018, confirming the rumors surrounding the mass recruitment in the midst of GTA 6’s development. Currently, 6042 people around the world are working internally on the next title. On this topic, Take-Two, the publisher, seized the opportunity to tease the revolution that will be GTA 6. “Rockstar is determined to [nouvelles] creative references for series, industry and entertainment,” said the CEO.

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