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csgo dust 2 how to use callouts

csgo dust 2 has always been a very popular map for players. In dust 2, you know this map better than your enemies. This is also the key to victory. Learning the labels of dust 2 will help you achieve perfect cooperation with your teammates. So in csgo dust 2 how to use callouts? Learn more about csgo callouts dust 2 at gametopn.com.

Why use callouts

If you want to improve your game in csgo, it is very important to learn the correct annotations on the map, there are many different annotations on this map of Dust 2, there are some most important and most commonly used annotations, take these annotations as Your priority, no matter what rank you are, is to understand these notations, this is to be able to communicate better with your teammates during the game, the better you are with your teammates, the greater your advantage against the enemy.

Some smaller markers are also important on the map. The area near long A is called a car because a car is placed here, and there are many other markers with different historical origins. A bomb spot gun The area behind the tube is called the goose in honor of Minh “gooseman” Le, one of the founders of the Counter-Strike mod, and Valve has painted a goose on the adjacent wall to honor his work.

Dust 2 also has some labels that are named based on the player’s experience, like Suicide, an alley between mid and T-spawn, why it’s so named because if you decide to go there at the beginning of the game round, you have There is a high possibility of being sniped, similar to the kind that goes to death.

How to use callouts on Dust2

In the Dust2 map, if you want to lure enemies to specific locations and kill them, the most important thing is to determine the information you provide to your teammates, inaccurate labels can confuse teammates and make teammates find the wrong map area, resulting in missed opportunities. Say you hear someone at B, but you are not sure if he is in the car or at the door, then simply saying you heard someone B is the safest thing to say.

some callouts with the same name in the Dust 2 map, A Both site and B site have a location called a car, if you find an enemy in one of these places, please tell your teammates exactly which car it is, A car and The difference between the B cars have different results for the battle situation.

Another example is an area like the B tunnel. Most people will call this entire area a tunnel, but this is not enough. You have to try to find out whether the enemy is in the upper tunnel or the lower tunnel. This is a more accurate location, short Also, there is a big difference between an exact location and an approximate location.

If you and your teammates know how to use these callouts on Dust 2, you can better communicate where your opponents are and respond quickly to their actions, which is the key to gaining an advantage.

The above is csgo dust 2 and how to use callouts, if you want to know more about csgo callouts dust 2, please pay attention to gametopn.com, they will bring players all kinds of csgo information and the most complete game guide articles.

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