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Gucci sells AirPods Max case for just Insane $980


AirPods Max was introduced in 2020 as the first wireless headphones to be sold under Apple’s brand. While they have great sound quality some users don’t love their unpopular Smart Case. If you’re one of those, you can take a look at a case manufactured by the prestigious Italian brand Gucci for only $980.

Gucci claims that its “Ophidia” cover to AirPods Max protects Apple’s headphones with modern and vintage aspects. Although the Apple-designed AirPods Max Smart Case has no branding or textures, however, the Gucci case clearly demonstrates that you’re using expensive headphones that come with an expensive case.

The case in beige is lined with neoprene and viscose. Both of these materials Gucci claims are “low impacts on the environment” which is crucial in the case of making a perfect match with an Apple product. There are brown leather accents as well as a “Snap” closing button that features a Gold “GG” logo as well as an adjustable shoulder strap, so it can be carried with your AirPods Max as if they were a tiny luxury handbag.

Lifestyle objects see the everyday by using the Gucci lens. The case designed for AirPods Max brings vintage and contemporary through its design elements inspired by archives. In a way, it plays with the contrast between the past and the current The inside of the case is printed with ‘Hodiernum’, which is a Latin word meaning “belonging to the current day. A swivel shoulder strap is a flexible notepad with a variety of options to wear it.

It’s unclear if there’s any confirmation that Ophidia Case to AirPods Max has magnets like Apple’s Smart Case. Magnets are used to enable the AirPods Max in sleep mode to ensure that the battery doesn’t get exhausted even when headphones aren’t being used. If it isn’t, you’ll likely need to recharge your AirPods Max every 20 hours when you use Gucci’s case.

You can purchase Gucci’s AirPods Max case for $980 on Gucci’s website and sells accessory accessories to various Apple products. Would you consider buying one?