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Apple iOS 15.4 Beta New Options: Hide iCloud Keychain Security Recommendations

In the case of iCloud Keychain passwords, Apple has provided security tips for years for weak passwords, compromised, or repeatedly used passwords that require updating to ensure maximum security, however, in certain circumstances, there are passwords you aren’t able to alter and annoying alerts that which aren’t going away.

That’s changing with iOS 15.4 which is currently being tested in beta. With this iOS 15.4 update, every security suggestion that is listed within the Passwords section of the Settings app is now hidden. Simply tap on an alert, then tap to reveal the latest “x” button beside any security suggestion you wish to keep out of the public eye. The previous versions of iOS did not have a method to block or conceal security suggestions other than to turn off the security recommendations completely.

Security alerts that are hidden won’t appear under the main “Security Recommendations” label, however, you’ll still be able to see them in the event of need by opening the Passwords interface and scrolling to the bottom, where you’ll find an additional “Hidden Security Recommendations” option.

In this section, you’ll see any password alerts that have been removed from view. It is possible to block security suggestions is useful for passwords that aren’t changeable due to a reason, like when the password is owned by an individual. This option allows you to ensure that alerts are visible within a specific section, but not at the forefront. If you’d like to change security suggestions and have them be visible again There is a method for that too.

iOS 15.4 can also let you add notes to every iCloud Keychain password in order to give yourself more context for the password, for instance making note of the purpose for which it was created and why it’s there, you can do this.

We have a complete listing of all the new features in iOS 15.4 that you can find within the iOS 15.4 Features guide if you’re looking for an overview of the other features that have been added to the update.