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Guess the most common passwords. hint; we just told you

When it comes to setting up a password, it’s quite commonly related to a person’s personal
specialty or specification. We set up passwords that are quite common, like our birthdays,
anniversaries, or anything that is special to us. When it comes to creating a strong password, we
are still quite naïve.
   A company called “nordpass” reported doing research on about 3TB of data that was full of the
simplest passwords that were either gender-based or related to the area where the person is
living. According to the database, the passwords were too simple to be cracked and are quite
easy to get hacked. The word “password” “was itself a top password, and on the second number
were the first five natural numbers. The first row of letters on the keyboard was also a top-ranked
password used by many people worldwide.
We usually create passwords that are easy to remember or are related to something in our lives.
According to research, commonly used passwords were the names of their favorite football team,
the name of a person, a place, or even a chocolate.
Another piece of research shows that the current situations going on around the world also affect
the user’s password. For the current FIFA event, people are using common terms such as players
or teams. Many people have turned their phone brand names into their passwords. Looking at
these passwords is risky, as knowing a person a little better can be an open invasion of their
All of the research indicates that using a password from a dictionary or a password generator is
an open invitation to easily crack into your account and gain access to your personalized data.
Passwords should be unique and secure, using the authentication methods introduced in Apple
devices and applicable to other platforms. A business organization is most likely responsible for
creating strong passwords that are easily accessible, and different types of authentication must be
used to protect the database from harm.

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