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Hacked Game Publisher 2K Sends malware via Emails

Recently, hacker attacks on the gaming industry have attracted much attention. After the historic Rockstar leak aka GTA 6 leak, the next publisher is now under the radar. The malware was attached and sent on behalf of the publisher 2K – in support emails of all things.

Game Borderlands makers attacked massively

2K, known as the publisher of cult titles such as Bioshock and Borderlands, recently discovered that attackers had managed to penetrate the company’s IT systems. According to the details, as pushsquare reported, an unauthorized third party had gained access to the publisher’s customer support and helpdesk platforms.

This allowed the attackers to gain access to customer contact details and send emails on behalf of the company (Publisher itself). This is exactly why 2K issued a public warning and informed about the incident soon after the attack became known.

As is so often the case, it was the account of a service provider in the support area that was initially compromised by the attackers. As a result, emails containing malware were sent on behalf of the official support account. “Please do not open an email or click on any link you received from 2K Gaming Support,” 2K must warn against malicious communication on its own behalf.

The implications for 2K are immediate and far-reaching. In order to avert further damage and to be able to initiate an investigation, the entire support portal was taken offline. For the time being, the 2K help desk is no longer available and will be informed in due course when support can be provided again. “We would like to formally apologize,” said the publisher.

Could Be The Similar Hacking Campaign?

It is currently not clear whether or again the incident at 2K is related to other hacker attacks in the past few days. After Uber, GTA maker Rockstar Games was hit hard last weekend – both cases were later linked to external service providers and compromised Slack access. It will be interesting to see what further investigation at 2K will bring to light.

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