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Hackers Gain Access Into Ubisoft IT Infrastructure


The game giant Ubisoft has confirmed an intruder into its IT infrastructure. It is about data from the popular game Just Dance. According to a report, third parties were able to access third-party data for a short time, but not personal player information.

The company stated that the incident was the result of a misconfiguration. What exactly happened was left out. What is certain is that Ubisoft first detected an intrusion into Just Dance’s IT infrastructure and was then able to close the vulnerability quickly.

Details are still unknown

For a short time, however, it was possible for unauthorized persons to access some player data and possibly copy it. However, details are not yet known. According to the game company, initial internal investigations have ruled out that any direct Ubisoft account information has been compromised as a result of this incident. However, the company will publish further findings.

The company wrote in the community:

“We recently identified a breach in Ubisoft’s IT infrastructure involving Just Dance. This incident was the result of a misconfiguration that, once identified, was quickly resolved, but allowed unauthorized persons to access some personal information Access and possibly copy player data.

The data in question was limited to “technical identifiers” which include GamerTags, Profile IDs and Device IDs, and Just Dance videos that have been recorded and uploaded for public use with the game Community and/or on your social media profiles. Our investigation has not shown that any Ubisoft account information has been compromised as a result of this incident.

The protection of player data is a top priority for Ubisoft, so we would like to inform the community of this incident with full transparency. All players affected by this incident will receive an email shortly and can contact our support team for more information. We have taken all necessary proactive measures to protect our infrastructure from future incidents and we thank you for your understanding. “
According to media reports, Ubisoft has not yet responded to inquiries about how many people were affected by the incident. Since Just Dance’s debut in 2009, however, several million copies have been sold.

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