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Sony Now Offers 5 New PS5 Colors And New Controllers

PS5 Colors

Sony has announced the launch of its own range of custom covers for the PlayStation 5 . After there were rumors about this recently, the Japanese electronics crisis has now announced the launch of its own faceplates in different colors.

As Sony announced today, they want to start selling their own faceplates for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition from January. Initially, only the colors red and black are to be offered, before versions in blue, pink, and purple will also be introduced in the further course of the first half of 2022.

With the covers, the owners of the PS5 can then purchase their game console with an alternative cover from an official source according to their own wishes. Sales in Europe will initially start on January 21, 2022, via the PlayStation Store before various retailers will also start sales on February 18. The black covers will probably be offered first.

So if you have always wanted to give your PS5 a completely black design, you will get the opportunity to do so from January. At the same time, Sony today announced the introduction of new color variants for the DualSense controllers, which will then be offered in blue, pink, and purple. In this case, too, sales will begin on the PlayStation Store before the free trade will start offering the devices on February 11th.

Sony threatened third-party providers with a lawyer

The European prices for Sony’s official PS5 faceplates from the accessories range have not yet been determined. In the USA, a sporty $55 is required for this. Sony had acquired some time ago patents on the design of the plastic covers for the PlayStation 5 and was then among other things, against the third-party Dbrand proceed after it had begun, despite corresponding threats from Sony with the distribution of faceplates from own production. Other third-party companies were also attacked by Sony with legal action so that there are currently no legal alternative providers for covers for the current PlayStation console.