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The importance of Twitter for business

Twitter for business

There are a lot of social media websites which establish your brands presence. Everything is digitally oriented or at least is trying to point in the direction. Online brands and blogs are new ventures that help in monetization. You can become part of a brand tribe and connect with like minded individuals. You can start a blog where you get money just for speaking your mind. The possibilities are unlimited but the problem is, we do not know how to utilize them properly and effectively. Twitter, for example is an excellent medium for social media marketing but rarely do online blogs and brands use it as an important factor of their marketing strategy. Twitter for business is very common and can be utilized effectively to generate leads. It can also be used to generate brand awareness. Facebook and Twitter go hand in hand while running an online small scale business.

The question is how small business owners that do not have fancy social media teams get more customers from twitter?

Twitter for business is a tool when used effectively can do wonders for the business. It shows that you’re able to convey your message within a few characters. The social media website establishes presence, instantly, and with time, credibility. It also encourages people to directly provide feedback to your brand. Twitter can be used in the process of generating leads, interact with consumers and customers and make potential conversions.

Here are some tips on how to use Twitter for business whether, small scale or large.

Find customers through Twitter for business

Twitter is actually an excellent medium for finding new customers and reaching out to them. In fact, if you do not have expensive and fancy business solution technology then this is an excellent approach. People send out thousands of tweets a day and most accounts are public. This provides the opportunity to business owners to capitalize on. You can run a random keyword search and it will populate your feed with what you are looking for.

For example, you run a business that provides products for pet owners. You can conduct a search on Twitter advanced search  that will show you exactly who your customers are. Reach out to them directly. If someone is complaining about their smelly dog then reply to their tweet with your product which is sort of like door to door campaigning but less expensive. This is one way twitter for business is going to boom your profits.

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Optimize your business

If you’re going to find people through advanced searches then it is necessary that you are easily searchable as well. Optimize your Twitter bio with appropriate hashtags and product services. Craft it specifically so that your audiences know that you are talking to them. Also, be sure to include your brands website or landing page in the bio so that you’re easily accessible. Put yourself out there for whoever might be searching. Keywords play an important role in this so be sure to know the right words that gets picked up by the algorithm and showcases you in searches.

Network with your influencers

The year 2016 has taught us that networking is very important. Let me assure you that 2017 or even 2018 will be no less different when it comes to networking. Twitter makes it easier to connect with likeminded individuals and grow your network. It also makes sure that you’re able to connect with the major players and influencers in the industry.

You can put all the influencers in a private list if you don’t want anyone to know. Keep an eye out for what they are tweeting and what keywords they use to attract customers. There is always time and age to learn so don’t give up on the opportunity of learning. Be sure to interact with them and at the same time, tweet how they would tweet to become more searchable. No publicity is bad publicity and the entire aim is to get your brands voice out there in the market.

Learn your Hashtags

The most important thing in managing your Twitter for business is knowing the right hashtags. Hashtagify.com is the helper you need to narrow down the hashtags for your business. It will find the appropriate hashtags for your business and then you can analyze what you need. Use them and reach the people you want to instead of mass marketing (which has become very ineffective). Also pay attention to the hashtags the people in your industry and influencers are using. This will get your tweets in front of the large audience.

Ask for Twitter love

Okay, so when you have a small business then everything on social media seems more intimidating than it is. The strategy for using Twitter for business is to not be afraid to ask for love. By love, we mean mentions, retweets and likes. Show some love back and message other players in the industry to mention your brand. It brings a sort of communality impact in the market and you’re more likely to make your competitors your friends. Learn to be open and ask for things. If you do not ask then you might never get it.

Blend in but standout

This is a bit tricky but not impossible. If you’re starting out on Twitter with your business then what you need is to blend in with the crowd. Observe how your customers are on this platform and how your competitors respond to them. Analyze it all and then take an approach that is both creative and addresses the problems more specifically. It means that you will address the same problems and sell your products but more creatively. Content matters so be sure to tailor it and take our unnecessary details. First step is to know the patterns other accounts are following and then the second step is giving them what they want. Know how to approach the customer and not be shy in direct messaging them with the solution to their problems. People like solutions to their doorstep and in Twitter that means, direct messaging.

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