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Here is how to Activate New Facebook Website

Facebook has launched its highly-awaited Dark Mode on its revamped and immersive desktop app for all users. This was announced by the company in its blog post.

The dark mode will help billions of users to enjoy less brightness, alongside contrast and vibrancy that helps in reducing screen glare for use in low light.

Dark Mode is available on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In this article, we will tell readers about how to activate the New Facebook Website.

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In the upper menu bar click on the down arrow to display the Setting Menu of Facebook. Click on “Switch to new Facebook” option. You can chose between Light and Dark mode option for your desktop.

You can also switch back to the earlier version of the website by clicking the  “Switch to classic Facebook” option in the Settings menu.

The new desktop Facebook website is faster with new streamlined navigation, easy to find videos, games, and Groups, as per Facebook. The home page and page transitions load faster.

The new Facebook.com was announced at F8 developer conference last year.

Facebook wrote, “We have grown since Facebook.com was launched 16 years ago. We have built new features, optimized for new devices and operating systems, and expanded to include hundreds of languages. We’d recently focused on the experience of mobile Facebook and realized that our desktop site had fallen behind. It is something people need to keep up.”