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Twitter: More Users Could Enjoy Scheduling Their Tweets, Reports Say

If you’re a regular Twitter user, it can be really handy to be able to schedule tweets instead of blasting them all out at the same time and there are a variety of third-party plug-ins to help. Now it seems that Twitter could be pushing its own scheduler out more broadly. 

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Some users have already started to see a schedule option appear on the interface as The Next Web reports: you can pick a specific date and time for your post, as well as see all the tweets you’ve currently scheduled for.

This is something Twitter started testing last year, though the feature was never largely rolled out beyond a small group of trials. The new functionality looks similar to the November experiment.

Now it appears that more people are getting the option – though at least for the time being, it looks as if the feature is only available if you’re using Twitter on the desktop via a web browser.

We haven’t heard anything yet from Twitter itself, so it’s possible this is just an extension of the original test: it may disappear as quickly as it has arrived, or it may suddenly become available to everyone at once. 

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In addition to being able to schedule tweets through various social media management tools, the feature is also available in TweetDeck-the power user web client that Twitter itself owns and runs.

That would suggest it won’t take too much software engineering know-how to switch the scheduler to major Twitter customers. In recent days Twitter has also been busy experimenting with new ways of showing threads. 

It is undoubtedly useful to be able to schedule tweets – although it can cause serious embarrassment in social media too, if it inadvertently becomes untimely, or looks ignorant of what everyone else is talking about on the network (after all, Twitter moves fast). However there is still no sign of an edit button.

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