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Here is the website for parents to ensure their kids are watching a safe cartoon

It’s easy when your kids are bothering you, to give them mobile, tab or laptop and put on the first cartoon that appears on the internet. Because who checks to see if the cartoon is appropriate or not. Aren’t cartoons made for small kids? Why would they have anything other than kid entertainment?

Well, they would have it to destroy the minds of your children. Be it the famous Lion King, Tom & Jerry, Spirit, Pink Panther every cartoon has subliminal sexual messages.

So how to know which cartoons are safe for your kids.

Here is an excellent website to be sure your kids are watching a 99% healthy cartoon

Common Sense Media!

The website will tell you if a kid movie is age appropriate. For which age is it suitable. Also, it will tell what parents say about the movie and what kids say, what they feel is the right age for watching a certain movie. It also clearly tells if a movie has sexual messages, unhealthy content, scary stuff or negative messages in it.

It gives a detailed review to parents whether their kids should watch the movie or not.

For instance, the review by Common Sense Media about ‘My Little Pony’ defines it as appealing for young kids along with having some scenes that can frighten young kids or sensitive children.

Furthermore, a detailed review by parents will be given and by an adult.

Pink Panther is defined as ‘It’s full of slapstick scenes involving pratfalls, wine bottles, cakes, fires, karate attacks, etc. There’s one glimpse of a dead body, and a climactic scene features a gun-wielding criminal. Language is relatively mild — mostly insults like “idiot” and “stupid” — and sexual references are limited to a couple of on-going flirtations, allusions to relationships, and one celebratory kiss. Adults drink wine and cocktails.”

These examples are given to tell the reader that the site will provide a completely honest review so you will know if a movie is an age appropriate for your kid or not.

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