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Hide Your “Last Seen” Status on WhatsApp with Some

WhatsApp is testing the “Last seen” status with new features.


Have you ever wondered if you could hide your “Last seen” status from WhatsApp for specific users? If you did, you’re like me and many others. And thanks to the service provider, they also think the same.

WhatsApp is working on this feature where users can hide the “Last seen” status with specific users. The company has a beta version with this specific feature, which means the company has already started testing it.

Once the company and users are satisfied, the company would start rolling out a stable version with the same features, everywhere.

We don’t have an expected date for the stable version’s release, but we hope to see it soon. And we are also certain that this feature is not far from our devices.

This feature will work in a similar way as other privacy features work, such as “Status”. Simply type in the names you don’t want to share your “Last seen” status with, and then done.


Alexia Hope

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