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HMD unveiled a new Barbie-themed flip phone in partnership with Mattel


MWC 2024 event has started. Tech giants are coming forward with their set of exciting new announcements besides their brand-new products. HMD is one such company that has announced several new devices that will be launched in Summer.

Beside this, the company announced a Barbie-branded flip phone at the event. This announcement was followed by the announcement of HMD Fusion (a new development platform), a retro Nokia feature phone, and an HMD-branded smartphone.

In partnership with Mattel (the toy maker), HMD announced the Barbie flip phone. As a well-known manufacturer of toys and accessories since 1959, Mattel is well known for its Barbie fashion doll series. The phone will launch this summer. According to the company’s press release, it will be a classic flip phone that “assures a much-needed digital detox, style, and nostalgia.”

Besides the Barbie themed phone, the company is set to debut another phone under its brand name. there are not many details right now. However, a leak from last month showcases the images of a potential HMD smartphone. Besides this, some reports indicate that the company is working on 9 different smartphones. In addition to this, the company asserted that Nokia devices are staying. Although there is speculation but the chances of discontinuation of Nokia brand were negated by the company.

Because the Nokia brand’s license expires in 2026, there have been earlier reports that HMD may be removing the Nokia name. HMD Global did, however, clarify today that Nokia phones will continue to be sold. HMD also disclosed that it will be reintroducing “an iconic phone this summer.” A list of new phone brands that would launch throughout 2024 was also alluded to.

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