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HMD Fusion is a DIY development platform announced by HMD

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Besides the new announcements about the upcoming smartphones, HMD announced its HMD Fusion. The device is specifically targeted at DIY enthusiasts. Basically, HMD Fusion is a smartphone-style device that features connectors for attaching, constructing, and configuring specific hardware accessories.

According to the company, these accessories can be simple or complex, depending on the user’s choice. The press release indicated that it can be based on a simple fashionable outfit or extended battery pack, or something complex like barcodes canners, portable medical device, or payment terminals. One thing to notice about the images shared by the company is that these are simple prototypes and not the original device.

The company actually wants users to showcase their potential ideas. For this reason, it is open to all types of possibilities. By offering a forum for creative thought, they’re counting on user ingenuity to advance this idea. Furthermore, HMD has unveiled the first version of toolkit for developers and companies. It includes all the relevant details like design files and information on software integration.

The company wrapped its announcements with its emphasis on sustainability and phone reparability. Currently, 25% of HMD’s 2023 smartphone sales in Europe and Australia/New Zealand were made up of repairable handsets. This year, HMD wants to grow that to seventy-five percent of sales in those markets and fifty percent of sales worldwide. Moreover, the company is enthusiastic about streamlining the process of screen repair. Particularly, the company want to focus the promotion of a “FIY” (Fix it Yourself) movement. It will enable users to handle repairs more conveniently.

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