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Honor 70 Series will be unveiled on May 30

Honor wants to control the media hype by revealing some of the details of its new Honor 70 family on Weibo, which should be presented in three flavors on May 30.

Honor is regaining in China all the ground that Huawei had lost, although the Shenzhen manufacturer still has a long way to go to regain credibility especially since his latest designs still looked dangerously similar to those of his old parent, and because this Honor 70 family that is about to arrive will be the most important for them throughout its history.

Perhaps because of its importance, or perhaps also because in China they have always wanted to control the media hype Before her big performances, Honor’s friends have been leaking details on Weibo -(I) Y (II)- of some devices that should be presented next May 30 on a Monday, in three flavors and with certain key specifications that we are now telling you about.

This will be the Honor 70, with a prominent photographic module and main sensor… 1 inch! The first thing that the sources have told us is that three new models will be presented, the Honor 70, the Honor 70 Pro, and an Honor 70 Pro+ who has not wanted to join the Ultra fashion, but will try to take mobile photography one step further. Like everyone, go… Be that as it may, the information revealed by the official sources of Honor always refers to the “Honor 70 series” so the manufacturer has been saved the surprise of which device each specification will be attributed to without leaving specific references that can raise the hair.

Neither Xiaomi, nor Huawei, nor Samsung, nor Apple: this is the brand that is hitting it in China right now So, we start by showing you the three teasers published by Honor on Weibo, the first of which mentions MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset like the electronic heart of one of them. Here we can speculate a bit, because the Dimensity 9000 points to the most premium sector competing with Qualcomm directly, so the Honor 70 Pro+ is a clear candidate. The sources say that the Honor 70 in the standard version will incorporate a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 while for its part the median ‘Pro’ model should include a Dimensity 8000 also of Taiwanese origin.

The three data already “officialized” by Honor in the form of a teaser

Also mentioned in another image is the 100W fast charging via USB-C cable which in your case should be present in the two models powered by MediaTek, leaving the Standard Honor 70 with “only” 66 W of maximum power. We do not know if any of the models will opt for wireless charging, or in what powers. The third specification revealed by Honor is very interesting since we talk about advanced photography referring to the Sony Exmor RS IMX800 sensor, an electronic eye of the highest quality that would be present in all three models, no less.

It was said in gossip that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra would be the first to use this sensor but finally, it seems that Honor will anticipate a sensor that stands out among the others since it has a huge 1-inch size that will make a difference in low or poor light environments. We also know that will have 54 megapixels and even Honor has uploaded to the Internet five sample photos taken with one of the models of the Honor 70 series… Here we leave them because the results are promising!

Five examples of the camera

Lastly, in the pre-release kits that are being released a couple of images have also been revealed the first illustrating the item with an attractive light-colored hatched finish, and the second showing the four different designs that Honor should present us for its new flagship family in the Android catalog. The double circles are kept on the back, for the Shenzhen manufacturer begins to give its phones their own personality with finishes that, indeed, do seem somewhat differential. All the finishes of the Honor 70, are filtered in images from China. It’s official: Honor is keeping Huawei’s “hole”.

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