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Honor Demo Teases an Eye-Controlled Future

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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. In our daily lives, we come across several astonishing aspects of technology. It was a time when we sue to control our smartphones with buttons and now, we have touchscreens. Besides the smartphones, we have smartwatches and other wearables that are equipped with health monitoring features like sleep tracking, heart rate, breathing, sleep apnea and others.

It appears like things are going to change further since we have entered the era of artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence that allows you to operate your smartphone with just your eyes, Honor is set to revolutionize the game once more.

It is perhaps the time for Eye-Controlled Future

What if we tell you that you can control your smartphone with your eyes? Yes, you read it right. A Chinese company, Honor has come forward with this technology. Honor has created a technology that tracks your eye movements using artificial intelligence, enabling you to use your phone without touching it. Now the question is how much accurate this technology is? Well, it is efficient enough to enable users drive a car.

The eye tracking capability of Honor’s AI could revolutionize device control. James Brighton, a UK automotive engineering expert, showed this by utilizing just an Honor Magic 6 smartphone to control a car with his eyes. This demonstration is an example of the power of eye tracking technology. By simply looking at the screen controls, users can control a car’s engine and movement.

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