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How To Activate Dark Mode On WhatsApp Using Android And iOS


WhatsApp Dark Mode was long-awaited by the users since the company has bragged about the coming feature quite long ago. It was September last year when we came across the news that Facebook is working on WhatsApp dark mode and it will be launched soon.  However, the company has released WhatsApp dark mode on iOS earlier than Android which was released quite recently.

Now the WhatsApp Dark Mode is in your pocket after a little more than two years of rumors and speculation, the rollout of WhatsApp Dark Mode is already started and reached millions of devices. In this article, you will get to know how to activate the dark mode on the popular platforms iOS and Android smartphones.

The dark mode is an absolute hype topic among app developers. In the past weeks and months, more and more applications have been opening up to dark mode, which is apparently very popular with users.

Both the latest Android version 10 and the Apple operating system iOS 13 have the basic setting to distribute the bright and garish colors in almost all apps and menus.

WhatsApp pursues these goals with Dark Mode

One of the last big applications that were a big critique of a dark mode was WhatsApp. But now the popular Messenger has finished its work. The company announced this in an official blog post.

The company cites two reasons for the decision in favor of WhatsApp Dark Mode:

  1. Legibility
  2. Information hierarchy

The dark coloring is intended to protect the eyes of WhatsApp users. So far, the load has been particularly high, especially in the late evening or early morning.

WhatsApp also aims to make users less distracted and more focused. For this reason, the introduction of WhatsApp Dark Mode is accompanied by a shift in color focus on the important information.

How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS and Android

So if you want to activate the dark mode on WhatsApp, there are two options.

Users with the operating systems Android 10 or iOS 13 simply have to activate the system-wide dark mode in the settings. If you have the current version of WhatsApp on your smartphone, the application will appear in a dark robe. Users with Android 9 or older versions can manually activate the dark mode within the messenger. To do this, first, open the settings, click on ” Chats ” and then on ” Design ” and select ” Dark ” as an option.

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