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How to Choose Ergonomic Office Furniture for Your Tech Company?


Some furniture changes can do a lot for any space, and offices are no exception. Whether you are looking to revamp your old pieces or start from scratch, office furniture is an area where you need to be careful. An office’s furniture depends mainly on what kind of office you’re looking to have. For example, a dentistry office will have different needs than an interior-design office—and where a technology office is concerned, the list of requirements just gets bigger. 

Technology is an area of work that requires long hours of sitting at a desk, whether for coding or designing, editing, or typing. Completing these tasks could take a toll on both the employers’ and the employees’ bodies. Unfortunately, these physical side-effects can decrease productivity and creativity all at one go. To prevent this from happening, employers should put great thought and care into the pieces of office furniture that the company is going to have. So how should you choose the office furniture for your tech company? Let’s have a look.

Choosing A Desk 

When looking to purchase ergonomic office furniture, there are two main categories to consider: desks (or stand up desk) and chairs. A suitable desk comprises a few key components— on the surface, it needs to be spacious and have the optimal height for usage. However, there are way more details to picking up an ergonomic desk than just these two things. Many employees slouch over their desks while working; you may be too. Thankfully, with the help of an ergonomic desk, you can kiss your slouching day’s goodbye. 

Knowing what makes up an ergonomic desk is the first step to buying one. First thing’s first: you need to have enough space for your feet, knees, and legs to fit and move comfortably. Long periods of lower-body immobility can result in conditions like poor blood circulation. Sitting positions require your veins to overwork themselves to get the blood to your heart. Vein hyperactivity can cause swollen ankles, varicose veins, and even deep vein thrombosis— otherwise known as clotting; but having enough space to move your lower body can help prevent that. Getting an adjustable desk with wrist rests also allows maximum comfort and supports good posture. Finally, refraining from storing anything under the desk will let your employees have enough room for movement. 

Picking the Right Chair

Chairs are of utmost importance both in meeting rooms and individual work areas. Considering how many hours your employees spend in a sitting position, you might want to invest in a good, ergonomic chair. With new models releasing almost every other day, settling on one single model might be challenging, but there are some key elements to choosing the perfect office chair for your space.

When looking for an ergonomic office chair, you will want to consider the height, width, and depth of the chair you’ve been eyeing. The height should be adjustable for your employees to optimize it to their needs. The width should fit the standards of 17-20 centimeters to comply with users’ thigh movement needs. Being able to have movement in your lower body is once again of importance here, but too much room can cause distress for the arms in this case.

An ideal chair should allow users to reach for the armrests without hassle. The depth should be enough to support the leg, but not extreme enough to cause discomfort in the knees. Ideally, it should have rollers and come with back support. The strain of working long hours on a computer can be decreased to a minimum since the distance between your employee and the display can easily be adjusted.

Backrests, Armrests, and Lumbar Support

Backrests, armrests, and lumbar support are must-have items in an ergonomic chair, especially for people who work in the technology niche. These factors help with spine health, making your posture a lot healthier. The lumbar support stabilizes your upper body, the backrest promotes increased blood flow, and the armrest relaxes your elbows. Sometimes, it might be better to opt for removable armrests to maintain employee comfort. 

Revamping an office can be tedious when you go into it blindly, but your journey will be much smoother; with these pointers to help you, the process will be much smoother. 

Happy shopping!