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How to Get Back Lost or Stolen iPhone

Losing an iPhone can be a nightmare as our phones are the storage of our life. From holding pictures to important contacts to even money via Apple Card, you would not want to lose your iPhone.

Apple’s Find My iPhone Service is essential for getting and recovering your lost phone.

Also, before that, I must say that it is important to be a little careful than to regret later. Thus do set up Face ID or Touch ID, the passcode to ensure that if it does get stolen, it is not easy to open it.

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Now after you have set a passcode, ensure that Find My iPhone is turned on. It is usually enabled by default but, check it anyway.

Other than this, precautions are important, be careful with your phone while traveling. Double check that you have it to avoid any mishaps.

Now in order to recover your phone, Find My iPhone is the solution. It is a feature managed by the iCloud account.

If you have lost your iPhone or it got stolen visit icloud.com/find on a computer. Sign in to the account linked to your iPhone. Now from the list check your iPhone’s current location. If the device is powered off, the last known location will be shown.

Then go to Actions and enter your phone number. A message will appear on your phone’s lock screen asking whoever has your phone to get it back to you.

The Apple Pay and other cards will be locked until you get back access to your phone.

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