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How to get the most out of a Microsoft Teams system

Microsoft Teams is an extremely useful tool when it comes to communication. Whether you are using it for business purposes or for personalized use, you will find that it is the perfect system to share files and documents, and for speaking to friends and colleagues over video and phone meetings. If you are thinking about using Microsoft Teams on your computer or phone, it’s important that you understand how to use these tools effectively. Here are some examples of how you can use a Microsoft Teams system.

  1. Avoid Microsoft Teams group duplications

When you sign up for Microsoft Teams, you may have the option to join multiple groups and create accounts using various emails and phone numbers. If you accidentally create duplicate accounts on the server, you will find that this will cause confusion. You may even create more group chats than you intended to by mistake. This means that any projects that you have with co-workers may ultimately become very unorganized. Only create a few groups. That way you can simplify your communications. This will make your Microsoft Teams system easier to use.

  1. Scheduling Teams meetings

Did you know that Microsoft Teams actually comes with a meeting scheduling system? Similar to the Microsoft Outlook scheduling assistant, you will find that Microsoft Teams also has a function that can allow you to invite others to the meeting. From there, the meeting will be scheduled in the diaries of those who are invited. This is a simple tool but it can help you become more efficient with your meetings.

  1. Commands

It’s crucial that you understand how to use the search bar and shortcuts to increase the functionality of your Microsoft Teams system. To find out what quick commands are available, you just need to use a “/” or an “@”. Some shortcuts can be used to help you go to websites; others can help you quickly move between channels. The more shortcuts you use, the easier it will be to use Microsoft Teams to its fullest.

  1. Images

Did you know that you can actually name your Microsoft Team groups with images? Images are far easier to remember when it comes to relating them to a certain topic. So, you could add them to your group titles to remember which group is which. This should help you distinguish them with ease.

  1. Bookmarking messages

You can actually save important messages in Microsoft Teams and make them visible when you first access the chats. All you need to do is press the “…” button and you will have the option to bookmark the message. You will be able to save multiple messages and go back to look at them at any time.

Are you ready to use Microsoft Teams? Whether you use a Microsoft Teams operator connect system, allowing seamless and integrated carrier-grade calling capabilities, or you decide to go for a standard Microsoft Teams system, it’s important that you use this tool as a way to enhance your business or your social life. It’s the perfect tool to help you share files. So, make sure to use it as much as you can.