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Outlook for Windows: New App Ready to Launch in Microsoft Store

In early May, more details about the new Outlook for Windows app were leaked. Now the new app has already arrived in the Microsoft Store – at least as a “placeholder”. So the start may be near. The new, redesigned Outlook for Windows app is eagerly anticipated. Microsoft is now taking another big step to release it to all users: the app will be listed in the Microsoft Store with immediate effect.

The colleagues at Agiornamenti Lumia had discovered this. However, as is often the case with new apps or major upgrades, the Outlook app is not yet easy to download. So far, Microsoft has only created a placeholder under which the app will be located in the future. This means that the store page with the first information is now visible, but the app cannot be installed at this time. There is no download button yet.

One can speculate whether the app page release was planned that way or whether it is a bug. Apart from that, however, one thing is clear: the hot start phase for all users has arrived.

Project Monarch

Microsoft has been working on a new client for Outlook for Windows for a long time. What is special about this, in addition to the basic design adjustments, is that the application should resemble the web app more. Developers will code the Monarch project.

We have reported several times about the changes and shown some images of the new apps. In addition, we explain in an article about the open beta test phase how you can try the app now. The app currently requires a Microsoft 365 account. Users with a private account cannot try the app yet. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the real start is planned.

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