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How to log your mileage for taxes in 2022

Are you one of those business owners who is running out of time? Your diary is full of things on the checklist, and it’s still difficult to meet the deadlines? Do everything possible to save your time. It’s possible with a mileage log app, which will reduce the time you spend on keeping track of mileage, from a few hours a month to only a few minutes. In this article, you will learn how to log your mileage for taxes in 2022.

What kind of features will you need in a mileage tracker app

A mileage tracker app may have a great number of useful features, making it pretty simple to perform a mileage log for taxes. MileageWise, a newcomer mileage log app, offers the most features and quality among other apps. Let’s have a look at features you will need in a mileage tracker app

  • The software should meet all IRS mileage log requirements so that you can use the app even if you don’t know anything about taxing. 
  • In case of a sudden IRS audit, an AI technology should automatically complete the missing trip information.
  • To avoid an IRS fine, the vehicle mileage log app should check and correct logical conflicts.
  • An odometer reading calculator will allow you to get back the lost track of your past trips.
  • The built-in maps help to calculate door-to-door trip distances.
  • It may be useful to get the printable mileage log of all of the drivers.
  • Pairing the vehicle with the clients will save lots of time. You may also categorize trips for business use or personal use.
  • A standard mileage rate list is necessary for the mileage reimbursement of your employees. 
  • Track your trips on your Android phone or iOS phone in the app, and in a web dashboard.
  • Import your contact from Excel and trips from your GPS.

What’s best for small businesses?

Even if you are a small business owner, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to perform mileage log for taxes. How to choose the best mileage tracker app for a small business? 

First of all, choose the mileage tracker app which offers a free trial period, so that you can make sure the app is suitable for your company’s needs. A monthly payment will probably be more convenient for a small business than a yearly one, so make sure you can choose one of the options. 

A mileage tracker app for a small business doesn’t need to support lots of users, it all depends on how many drivers get mileage reimbursement. It’s quite useful to have an option of marking business use and personal use vehicles.  

What’s best for enterprise companies?

A mileage log for taxes for enterprises will require more options than in the case of a small business. However, the first thing should be exactly the same – a free trial version. You will also need the option of using the mileage tracker app as a team. Thanks to a shared dashboard for all of the users, you can keep track of the location of the drivers, or pair the vehicles with the clients. The list of contacts of an enterprise may be quite long, so the import of the list is quite a useful option. 

What are some possible disadvantages of a mileage tracker platform?

If you choose a mileage tracker app lacking very important options, it may bring you lots of problems. A mileage log app that is not fully IRS-compliant brings the risk your mileage log for taxes won’t meet the IRS mileage log requirements. 

The app not checking and correcting conflicts may cause you to pay an IRS fine. Some apps are not battery friendly and will be constantly drained.

To avoid headaches and stress, invest in MileageWise, a newcomer mileage tracker app with the most features and quality than other apps. With MileageWise you will even get an Excel Mileage Log template.

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