How to register an OpenAI account for using ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is a general-purpose chatbot prototype. It is developed by OpenAI. A few months back, it was introduced as a free research preview. It was rolled out widely for testing by merely anyone.

Previously, OpenAI is known for the development of the text-to-image generator DALL-E. The platform is now taking a shot at the automatic text-generation AI. OpenAI used the GPT-3.5 tech model for establishing the latest chatbot. It presents the experience like you are having a chat with a real person. When a user types in a query, a detailed response based on either sentences or paragraphs is generated by the AI tool.

It is now that we have heard much about the latest AI tool. But many of our readers might be confused about whether to use it or not. Some of you might be wondering how and where you can access this tool. In this brief guide, we will present you with an overview that how can you access this tool.

Using the ChatGPT tool is quite simple and easy. it is as simple as once you type the text, you will get the response. See, no rocket science.

For your information, using the tools of ChatGPT requires an account. If you don’t have an account, you will be required to register yourself. You can also select Google or Microsoft account as an account.

Besides this, you can enter the email address with which you want to register. Followed by this, you will be required to enter the contact details i.e., phone number. One thing to notice here is that users can utilize their virtual phone number (VoIP) for registering for an OpenAI account. After entering the phone number, users will receive a confirmation code. They will be required to input that code onto the registration page in order to complete the process.

As soon as you come across some rules about ChatGPT that indicate the errors in data, how data is collected by OpenAI, and how the tool collects feedback from users, you will be registered successfully.

Now you are open to utilizing the various tools presented by ChatGPT.

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