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Microsoft is introducing some features of ChatGPT in Bing

Reportedly, Microsoft is working in close association with OpenAI to integrate the AI utilized in ChatGPT into one of the versions of the Bing search engine.

ChatGPT has somewhat affected the landscape of the tech world. Since its launch, many tech companies are rushing to utilize this feature or a similar one in their products. Similar is the example with Google and Microsoft as well. However, Google is looking forward to designing its very own AI chatbot. But Microsoft is aiming at a different strategy. According to the report by The Information, Microsoft intends to utilize the advanced AI program for answering some of the search questions on Bing.

As per the new report, we can anticipate that the feature may arrive as early as March 2023. However, this is not something entirely new to Microsoft. Since the Windows giant is working on it for quite some time now. Some reports suggest that Microsoft is incorporating this feature into its search engine as part of its investment in the AI research company. Reportedly, this AI company was established in 2019 and is based in San Francisco. Microsoft had invested $1 billion in the company.

What exactly is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was introduced by the end of November 2022. Since then it has taken the internet by storm. Only in its first week, it was successful in grabbing the attention of over a million users. The consumers were amazed by the human-like responses of ChatGPT. In contrast to Google and Bing searches, ChatGPT searches provide users with AI-backed responses.

Well, this is not the only feature of ChatGPT. The platform is capable of providing much more. It can perform various tasks ranging from writing an essay to computer codes, drafting copywriting scripts, and even composing poems and songs. The newly introduced ChatGPT is quite powerful. Given its release, most industry experts have started calling it a substitute for Google and other search engines. Given this fact, Google has already started working on a potential solution. Whereas Microsoft seems to have acquired a different strategy to beat Google.

For now, ChatGPT is free for everyone. However, the service may be charged later. However, some reports indicate that even though in the future the service might not be available for free but still Microsoft could offer various parts of GPT for free. Do note here that all search results on Bing won’t be fueled by ChatGPT. We will witness with time how the experience changes for the Bing search engine.

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