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How to Use Tech to Cope During the Lockdown

With most of the world in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, people have to find ways to keep themselves occupied and to reduce stress in what is a difficult time for everyone. Fortunately, technology can help with this and be used in many different ways to keep you busy and using your time effectively while at home. So, if you find yourself not knowing how to use your time at home and you are looking for a few ways that you can stay busy, then read on for a few suggestions, which will hopefully help you to manage during this challenging period.

Video Chats with Friends

One of the significant issues that are impacting people’s wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak is not being able to see friends and family. Text messages and phone calls do not provide quite the same connection, but you will find that video calls are the next best thing and can be great fun when you get a few people together. There are many different apps to choose from – discover the best with Tom’s Guide.

If you are in a group of people then you can make use of group video chats, during the COVID-19 Facebook has been working to add multiple people in a group whatsapp chat up to 50 people.

Earn Money Online

The pandemic is impacting people’s financial health in several different ways, which is a massive cause for concern. You might find that you can supplement your income and improve your situation with online work, which can be a great way to stay busy, have a sense of purpose and to boost your finances in uncertain times.

Movie Marathon

Escapism is essential in difficult times, and you can’t beat a movie marathon when you are stuck at home. Superhero movies are especially helpful when the world is facing a difficult situation, and a recent study by Cash Lady surveyed which superhero films were preferred in countries around the world with some interesting results. Overall, the top films chosen were:

  • Black Panther (48 countries)
  • Spider-Man (21 countries)
  • Captain Marvel (14 countries)
  • Deadpool (13 countries)
  • Wonder Woman (12 countries)


Gaming is another superb form of escapism for lockdown, and there are games for every type of person, whether this is a video game, computer game, online browser game, or smartphone game. You can often play these games online with your friends or with other people from around the world, which can help you to socialize and feel connected.

Online Fitness Classes

Physical exercise is another area where people are struggling with the closure of gyms, leisure centers, and restrictions in terms of leaving the house. Online fitness classes can help an individual to stay in shape without leaving home, plus they can also bring a social benefit to help you feel connected to the outside world.

Learn New Skills

The internet is a fantastic resource during the lockdown, and one of the best uses will be to learn new skills, whether this is simply for leisure or for career development. You could learn all kinds of new things while in lockdown, including:

  • A foreign language
  • Coding
  • Web design
  • Drawing
  • Animation
  • Musical instruments

It is a difficult time for people all around the world, but tech can be of great use during times like this, and the above are just a few ways that you could use it to your advantage during the lockdown.

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