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HTC To Introduce TWS Headphones With 480mAh Battery

HTC TWS earphones

According to the National Certification Corporation (NCC), the new TWS headphones made by HTC are being imported in the United States, NCC is the organization that oversees devices getting imported in the United States and from time to time, the website provides information on the devices. The latest findings show that TWS earphones from HTC with a 480 mAh battery and USB-C charging port are now or in a short time be available in the country.

The wireless earbuds might be called HTC TWS1, according to the listing. It also revealed that the whole set will include a charging case with a 400mAh power cell with a 40mAh battery in each bud of the headphone. Looking at the actual images of the device, we can only estimate the outside part will sport some touch controls and there will be LED light, although this could also be a small hole for the outwards mic.

HTC seems to be preparing the TWS1 in two colors – White and Black, but we’re not so confident about supporting wireless charging. However, since the battery isn’t too big, the earphones are likely to be charged from 0% to 100% in just an hour, and 1.5 hours with its 5W rate. HTC could make its space in the headphones category if it provides a good quality while offering a reasonable price to consumers, what do you think about its new TWS earphones? Let us know.

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  1. They are so tiny. Feeling skeptic on what will be the battery life of these Earpods. I am not sure whether the size of this earpod will become a pro or a con.

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