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Huawei Chief Offers to Share 5G Knowledge


Huawei founder & CEO Ren Zhengfei has offered to share 5G knowledge for a price to a Western firm. Aiming to prove that Huawei has/is not indulging in any kind of spying or surveillance, the CEO is ready to share and sell its company’s 5G technology.

Claimed by Western countries especially the US that Huawei is using its technology to spy on users, have been repeatedly denied by the company.

Ren said, “Huawei is open to sharing our 5G technologies and techniques with US companies so that they can build up their own 5G industry. This would create a balanced situation between China, the US, and Europe.”

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In another interview, Ren said, “A balanced distribution of interests is conducive to Huawei’s survival.”

It was confirmed by a Huawei spokesman that Ren’s quotes are completely accurate offering a “genuine proposal”. If the deal is done, it will allow a Western firm to have access to Huawei’s present 5G patents along with its core code, technical blueprints, and central production engineering knowledge.

Due to US allegations of espionage against Huawei, the company has been isolated from US’s telecom infrastructure. The security fears based on Huawei’s perceived connections to the Chinese government has resulted in the exclusion of the company.