India lags behind Pakistan in Mobile Internet Speeds

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India lags behind Pakistan in the mobile internet speeds for July month, as per the Speedtest Global Index by Ookla’s latest edition.

Pakistan stood at 116th spot with an average download speed of 13.55 Mbps. India, however, stood at 130th position with 10.63 Mbps average download speed. The average upload speed for Pakistan was recorded at 9.93 Mbps.

The ranking of both countries has dropped. Pakistan’s ranking dropped by two slots while India’s ranking dropped by 4 slots.

As per Ookla, “The results are updated mid-month for the previous month. January 1, 2019, onward countries must have at least 300 unique user results for mobile or fixed broadband to be ranked in either category.”

The top ten countries in terms of the mobile internet speeds are South Korea, Australia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Malta with 97.44 Mbps, 63.44 Mbps, 61.72 Mbps, 61.24 Mbps, 60.90 Mbps, 60.72 Mbps, 59.54 Mbps, 54.42 Mbps, 50.43 Mbps, and 50.14 Mbps respectively.

The average global mobile internet download speed across 144 nations was 27.69 Mbps while the average global mobile internet upload speed was recorded at 10.78 Mbps.

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