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Huawei finally got caught lying on performance benchmarking tests


You’d think cell phone makers would have taken in their lesson in the wake of being discovered that their lies are easily caught, however, that is obviously not the situation. UL Benchmarks (otherwise known as the Futuremark group) has delisted Huawei devices P20 Pro, P20, Nova 3 and Honor Play from 3DMark’s charts after inner testing and an AnandTech report demonstrated the gadgets increase performance at whatever point they distinguished the general population versions of benchmarking applications.

These were not unobtrusive contrasts, either, with results up to 47 percent higher than they were with private test variations Huawei couldn’t catch.

Whenever confronted, Huawei’s Wang Chenglu revealed to AnandTech that it needed to grasp standardized benchmarks that were nearer to genuine experience, and that it was fudging existing benchmark results since”others do the same testing.” It was a “common practice” in China, Wang said, suggesting that Huawei would lose sales if it didn’t cheat. The organization additionally revealed to UL that it was wanting to offer a speed-boosting mode through a future update (it’s not clear if this is GPU Turbo from the Honor Play and 10) with the goal that any application could profit by a similar performance boost.

Not that the organization is inspiring much sympathy. It’s using the “other kids are doing it too” excuse you used in grade school — just because it’s common doesn’t make it acceptable.

If nothing else, you’d think that Huawei would realize that the long-term consequences of being discovered would outweigh the benefits.

Huawei is the second largest phone maker in the world. It has been battling some legal problems and consumer issues. This issue is highlighted and it not accepting the responsibility only makes the entire scenario much more difficult. The company has released a public statement as well to counter the negative media impact.

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