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Huawei Joins Hand With Sunrise To Develop Europe’s First 5G Research Center


Huawei has recently announced that it partners with Swiss Telecom Sunrise in order to open up Europe’s first 5G research center in Switzerland, the center named “5G Joint Innovation Center” would be the first of its kind, 5G innovation Research and development center in Europe.

Huawei said it is the first 5G joint innovation center in Europe, it will help Switzerland as well as Europe to develop a 5G ecosystem.

According to the details, Huawei has established OpenLab with innovative and advanced technology in the joint innovation center. The OpenLab would allow 5G application developers to take leverage of the network which allows end-to-end 5G live network in order to test their applications.

The developers would be allowed to initially test their applications and solutions in a real-world scenario and then put it to commercial use. In order to help testing Huawei will also provide components and terminal equipment such as IoT sensors and others.

Huawei now has more opportunities to expand in Europe after a long tussle between China and the US over the security issues; the US advised several European countries not to cooperate with Huawei in the telecom sector as it poses a national security threat.

Switzerland has already started cooperation with Huawei, the United Kingdom has also lifted many restrictions from Huawei that were previously imposed due to US pressure, New Zealand has also considered lifting the ban on Huawei. Another development was seen this week when Germany excluded Huawei from the latest security rules which provide a green signal to the Chinese company to enter the German market. A few weeks ago Huawei has also released Atlas 900 the world’s first AI training cluster, it was reported in August that Huawei has already started research and development on 6G networks.

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