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Huawei Launches Its First NFC Wifi Router For $57

Huawei NFC Router

Today, Huawei announced its first NFC one-touch networking mobile router—Huawei Mobile Router, which focuses on three selling points: plug-in card Internet access, one-touch networking, and dual network communication. It is reported that Huawei Mobile Router supports mobile Internet access (card insertion), which can meet mobile office use, and is also suitable for mobile travel. If you insert a card to access the Internet, Wi-Fi is available when you have electricity.

The biggest feature of Huawei’s mobile router is that it supports both mobile and wired Internet access: wired network is used where broadband is available, and the mobile network is used where broadband is not available.

It is understood that the new Huawei mobile router provides 4 efficient Internet access modes, including:

1. Convert the mobile network to Wi-Fi, insert the SIM card, and convert the mobile signal into Wi-Fi signal.

2. The mobile network is converted to wired, the same is to insert a SIM card, convert the mobile signal into a wired signal, and connect to desktops and other devices;

3. Switch from wired network to Wi-Fi, which has the same function as an ordinary router.

4. Wired network to wired: external wired broadband to provide wired signals for desktops, etc.

image via weibo

According to the details, Huawei Mobile Routing also has a big “trick”-to support automatic switching when the network is disconnected. Whether it is a wired network or a wireless network is disconnected, it can automatically switch to the other in seconds. After the network is restored, it will automatically switch to the original state. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a “permanent network” route. Huawei Mobile Router will start pre-sale at 00:00 on September 1. The specific specifications and details have not yet been announced.

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