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Huawei Mate 10 Pro can Drive a Car

Huawei Mate 10 Pro is considered as the revolutionary smartphone especially in terms of its camera and photography features. Among other interesting features of the phone, one is its AI capabilities linked feature. The Artificial Intelligence powered Kirin 970 chipset allows Mate 10 Pro to evade any obstacle while driving the car.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro has tested a driverless car using its AI tools. It took Huawei 5 weeks to achieve this target. Huawei is not working on any driverless cars, its actually showing the world what Mate 10 pro is capable of. The phone uses its AI camera to identify objects in front of, making it easier to make decisions relating to car movement.

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The “RoadReader” feature introduced by Huawei for Mate 10 Pro can control Porsche Panamera which was build up by phone’s remote controls. The video shows how the test was taken to drive a car towards a dog but the phone recognizes the dog and makes the decision to avoid it through its AI feature.


So what Huawei has achieved with its phone’s cameras and object recognition technology is to recognize objects on its way and a method to avoid them.

As per Andrew Garrihy, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei in Western Europe, “Our smartphone is already outstanding at object recognition. We wanted to see if in a short space of time we could teach it to not only drive a car, but to use its AI capabilities to see certain objects, and be taught to avoid them.”

The RoadReader project by Huawei will be presented at MWC from 26th to 27th February 2018. The event participant will be given an option to “test ‘drive’ the car themselves, teaching it to identify and maneuver around certain objects.”