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Kapil Sharma Being Criticized for Supporting PSL

Kapil Sharma—the very well-known actor/comedian from across the border has shown his alliance and support for the Peshawar Zalmi for the third edition of Pakistan Super League. This has displeased the Indians. The Indians did not waste a moment to express their hatred against the Bollywood artist for cheering for their rival nation.

On Wednesday, Javed Afridi—owner of Peshawar Zalmi team organized a gala night just before the commencement of the Pakistan Super League ceremony. The gala night was arranged for the team members and some children from the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.

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To this event Kapil Sharma was also invited to fill the night with laughter and fun as he brings chuckles and thrills to the audience, however, this did not go that well with the Indians.

Kapil Sharma had been in news, in recent past because of many controversies. Now, he is again under the negative light and is being criticized for performing for Pakistan and was even given titles like “desperate” along with being charged with the accusation of selling himself to the knowing enemy of his country.


Twitter was bombarded with angry outbreaks from the Indians who did not hesitate in displaying their hatred and anger on the happening. The tweets clearly indicate the hate some Indians possess for Pakistan that even the idea of an Indian artist performing for Pakistan is not acceptable for them.

Some people even considered this act of Kapil Sharma an attempt to get some attention.


However, there were few who supported the actor and most of them were from Pakistan.




It’s time that people should support and encourage anything or activity that is solely aimed at spreading liveliness and positivity. There are tensions between the two countries and that is a well-known fact but if any person from any of the two nations come forward and becomes the reason for making a child suffering from cancer smile even for a little bit then I personally believe that this is something for which at least for like some minutes we could put away the animosity feelings and just enjoy!

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