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Hindu Gods Printed on Nishat Linen Clothes Creates a Controversy

Nishat Linen is a leading clothing brand in Pakistan. Its vibrant colors, prints, and appealing designs attract the public. But now the brand has come under fire due to a recent controversy.

There is a newly launched print by Nishat Linen that has angered the Pakistani public. The reason for this anger is that the prints have designed images of Hindu Gods.

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A Nishat customer wrote on Facebook, “A few days ago I came across this Nishat Linen design which looked good in a glance, so I bought it. Yesterday my sister pointed out portraits of Hindu Gods on it. I didn’t know it before, I admit I should have looked more closely before buying but seriously how often you look at such minor details. Although we should but sometimes we don’t. Such things get overlooked.
We live in a free society and we respect our minorities, everyone has the right to wear whatever he wants or the company to print whatever they like but the fact that we live in an Islam dominant society and wearing this is Haram. People got to say prayer/recite Quran. This is highly unethical and against the standards of society on part of NL not to intimate the customers about this before buying.
I am writing this post not to defame anyone but to spread awareness among people.”


This post created an uproar on social media and the sentiments of many segments of Pakistani society were hurt, troubled and alarmed by this post. It is true that as customers we want to wear different designs with unique embroidery and our brands try to introduce interesting shirts and clothes but it is important that any company be it Nishat Linen or any other keep the targeted audience in mind before printing Hindu Gods or similar designs on a shirt. Also, the customers should make sure whether they want a certain printed shirt or not before buying it.

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