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Huawei Mulling To Produce Its Own Displays

Huawei is a Chinese multinational manufacturer that is recognized and has a lot of businesses that are doing across the globe. The best known are of course the smartphones and network equipment including 5G networks.

But the manufacturer is active in many more areas, including the display sector in the future. After the smartphone division was hit hard by the US ban, its attention is now shifting to other business areas.

According to the reports, Huawei is mulling to launch display products under its own brand. The company will launch curved screens for the gaming market.

Huawei also wants to outsource the production of standard display products (not curved) to BOEVT, an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) subsidiary of the BOE Technology Group.

In addition, the company will subcontract the manufacture of curved screen monitors for the gaming market to TPV Technology. The initial order is for approximately 1 million pieces and the screen size includes the 27-inch and 34-inch screens currently in use.

This is not really surprising, as there has been speculation for weeks that Huawei is also preparing to enter the desktop PC market. The question is will Huawei be able to leverage the display or PC market to offset its declining smartphone business? is still unclear, however, the company has been turning all the possible stones around to make it work. We will see what comes next for Huawei and how the company would be able to maintain its current position globally.