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Huawei’s MR headset and triple folding phone are expected to be available soon

Huawei is all set to debut the P70 series. Several reports claimed that the company postponed the release. Despite this, we have been hearing about the features of the upcoming smartphones continuously. Beside the new smartphone series, the company is also working on other products.

Reportedly, the company is working on a tri-fold smartphone and an MR headset. Weibo blogger SmartPikachu claims that Huawei has completed the development of the two products. Additionally, the blogger made a suggestion that Huawei is keen to “put them into stores,” implying that their launch may be approaching soon.

For a while now, there has been talk of Huawei’s triple-folding phone. It is expected to feature a Z- or S-shaped folding design with a screen size of roughly 10 inches (25.4 cm). according to reports, BOE will supply the display panels. Zhaoli and Fusda are potentially busy working on the hinge. Reportedly, the company has begun procuring the material for these products on a large-scale.

The company is also working on an MR headset. It will be powered by a high-end chipset that will offer more smooth and immersive experience. A significant issue with previous MR headsets, thermal dissipation, is also anticipated to be resolved by the wearable. According to rumors, Huawei plans to provide the headset with a powerful cooling system.

There are no official details at the moment. For this reason, deal with the above-mentioned details with caution. We will learn more about these products with time.

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