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In China, Huawei Launches Limited Beta of New Harmony OS

Huawei Mate 50 Series

In order to test the latest version of the Harmony OS, Huawei is beginning a closed beta program. Reportedly, the company will test the new version with a limited number of users. With the help of this program, you may take advantage of new features including quicker reaction times, better security measures, and simpler navigation that are all intended to improve user experience.

Huawei will test the program with only 2000 testers

Before delving into further details, following things must be kept in mind. First and foremost, the new version will be tested with few selected individuals. Reportedly, it will be tested with just 2,000 users. Secondly, users are required to be committed to upgrade. In simple words, they can’t revert back to the previous stable version once they upgrade. Last but not least, the program will be conducted inside China-only. The users must have EMUI (the company’s previous OS) devices in order to participate in this program.

Users having compatible Huawei devices like MatePad pro tablets, selected V or SE series TVs, Mate X3 foldable phone, or Mate or P60 series are eligible for this program. They can join the program through the My Huawei app’s Upgrade section. March 30th is the last date to apply for this program. By taking part in this beta test, you’ll be among the first to use Harmony OS’s newest features and assist Huawei in identifying any possible problems before a wider release.

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