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Huawei Mulling To Show Ads Inside The EMUI Operating System

Huawei has been planning to start showing ads on the EMUI Operating System of Huawei mobiles, the idea of show ads within the operating system is not new, however, you have to think about making more money and Huawei wants to give it a try.

Huawei has already tested the spear-point to know how sharp it is, the company has reportedly started showing ads on the lock screens previously, and the company quickly stopped showing ads on the phones due to a backlash coming from users.

However, it seems that Huawei has been planning for showing Ads in EMUI according to some recent reports. Now everyone should get prepared for it and get ready for some protest, how it sounds?

No one likes forced advertising, though it is a lucrative business for tech giants, but at the cost of consumer experience? You need to think twice. Xiaomi has also tried a similar advertising experiment earlier which received an unprecedented amount of criticism from the users.

But Huawei has already dug the trenches, the company has recently updated her mobile services in which it covers the terms of use and personalized system-wide ads. According to some other reports, Huawei is silently working in the “Huawei Ads Platform” which will be rolled out to Huawei devices. In this case, devices without Google services will suffer the ones that came out with Huawei Mobile Services instead of Google.

Year-Long Data Storage

According to the reports, Huawei will store user’s advertisement data for one year in Hong Kong and Singapore, the data will be used for personalized advertisement experience, the user’s location and GPS data will also be collected if authorized for more geographically relevant ads. Huawei has not started any new advertisement tests so far, let’s see what comes next.

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