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Google PlayStore Has Stopped Notifications About Updated Apps

Google PlayStore was affected with a glitch last month which prevented some new apps on the store from appearing in search, the bug was only showing related search results when searching for new apps despite being live on the PlayStore.

However, Google fixed the issue after some time and users were able to look and search for new apps later. Google PlayStore was hit by another bug after that which stopped showing notifications about updated apps in the notification shade. The glitch was reported shortly after Google released the new version of PlayStore 17.4. After some time more users reported this issue on Google Support forums and on Reddit.

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However, this bug was not fixed by Google promptly leaving doubts for Google intended behavior as per the report by Android Police. Google spokesperson cleared the matter with Android Police saying that missing notifications was a feature and not the bug in the first place. This means Google has stopped App Update notifications for now and there is no more detail by the company about the issue. Now the users have to manually check for app updates by navigating into the apps individually, Google will no longer intimate users with notifications if their apps are updated. Users running apps on their Android devices will get updated silently without any notifications.

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