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Huawei P40 Pro DxOMark Score Hits 128 Points Sets New Record

Huawei P40 Pro DxOMark

Huawei P40 series was launched last week, the company has received positive feedback from developers and mobile critics, but there are still many things the device has to cover. After five days, DxOMark officially announced the score of Huawei P40 Pro, with a comprehensive score of 128 points, setting a new high for DxOMark. Among them, 140 points for taking pictures, 105 points for recording videos, and 103 points for front-facing photos are also the highest points in the current list.

In terms of the rear camera, DXO highly praises Huawei P40 Pro. It is equipped with the best autofocus system at present and provides the best texture/noise balance so far. In addition, DxO stated: “P40 Pro at night and the image quality in low light is better than any device tested before the test, and the bokeh simulation of its portrait mode is one of the best I have seen so far. In addition, the image quality of the ultra-wide-angle lens is leading in its class.

This is quite remarkable feedback from the company, bokeh effect is amazing while image quality in low light takes the lead.

As one of Huawei’s top mobile phone product lines, the P series has always had the highest image standards of its era, and this time the Huawei P40 Pro has once again challenged the limit of mobile phone images: the rear 4 cameras are 50 million pixels Sony IMX700 RYYB main camera + 40 million pixel movie lens + 12 million periscope telephoto camera + ToF 3D.

In terms of the front camera, Huawei P40 Pro has a total score of 103 points, which is the first new device in the DXOMark selfie score database, ranking first.

In this regard, DXO said: “Huawei has once again raised the standard of smartphone image quality. In our database, the P40 Pro has topped the front camera performance. Its reconfigured dual front camera setting has a high resolution a 32-megapixel main camera and a dedicated infrared sensor to improve background blur and autofocus performance, provide excellent shooting results, and achieved new highest scores in almost all test categories. ” In summary, Huawei mobile phones are leading the smartphone industry with their strong technical driving force. In addition to powerful imaging hardware, there is also software tuning: ultra-high ISO and AI algorithms are comprehensive in mobile phone shooting applications. To this end, DXO commented: “The Huawei P40 Pro camera dwarfs competitors. If you want a smartphone with the best camera, there is currently a no better option.”

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