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Huawei pleads not guilty in trade secrets charges in Seattle

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In a US government court in Seattle, Chinese tech firm Huawei pleaded not guilty to a few charges that affirm the organization connected with or endeavored to take part in the theft of trade secrets, the Associated Press detailed. US District Judge Richardo S. Martinez, who presided over the present hearing, has set a preliminary date for March 2020 for the case. On the off chance that Huawei is discovered guilty, it could confront a fine of up to $5 million.

Huawei is blamed for 10 separate charges, including connivance to steal trade secrets and facts, endeavored theft of trade formulas, wire fraud and obstruction of justice. As per investigators, Huawei stole trade secrets from T-Mobile. The charges basically come from a 2013 episode in which Huawei engineers purportedly took photographs and estimations of one of T-Mobile’s telephone trying robots called Tappy. Huawei utilized that data to improve its own robot.

In 2017, a Seattle jury decided for T-Mobile in a related suit against Huawei and granted the media communications organization $4.8 million.

Notwithstanding the pending trade secrets case, Huawei is likewise blamed for 13 charges associated with sanction infringement. The organization’s Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou is wanted in the US for fraud charges and is right now being held in Canada. An extradition hearing for her case is planned for Friday.

The case of Huawei comes under the time when relations between the United States and China are speedily deteriorating because of the import-export balance. This has led Donald Trump to declare a trade war with China, leading to massive trade imbalance that has impacted majority of the global markets.

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