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Huawei Ready To Be Transparent And Show Inner Working To Prove No Security Threat


The Chinese cell phone supplier Huawei is now fighting desperately for orders. In Europe, the company is now once again inviting you to take a look deep into the inner workings of its technology and to convince yourself of its harmlessness.

“We will open our insides,” said Luigi De Vecchis, head of Huawei in Italy, according to a report by Reuters news. “In order to respond adequately to all the political pressure, we are ready to allow ourselves to be downright dissected,” he continued. With this, the company wants to counter the recurring accusations that back doors are hidden in its systems, with which the Chinese authorities gain access to critical infrastructures in the West.

“I am speechless that a country the size of the United States is attacking another country by destroying a company from that country on completely unfounded allegations,” said De Vecchis. The concept of destruction cannot be dismissed out of hand. Because the extensive trade embargo on the part of the US government cuts Huawei from various suppliers that are absolutely necessary for the company’s business.

Huawei is looking for new business areas

De Vecchi is not thinking of giving up, however. “It is extremely unlikely that Huawei will leave the market because of the current situation,” he said. In Italy, among other things, they want to appear with new products and get involved in the energy sector, for example, he announced. Here, the company has IT infrastructure to offer that is required for the construction of so-called smart grids, in which decentralized electricity generation from renewable sources can be better controlled.

The Huawei manager appeared during the opening of the Chinese company’s new security center in Rome. This coincidentally coincided with the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the Italian government, which, however, attracted more attention to De Vecchi’s announcements mentioned above.