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Huawei Taunts Apple for ‘Keeping Things the Same’

Apple has recently launched three new iPhones namely iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. While there is a lot of buzz about the new iPhones Huawei has taunted Apple for ‘Keeping Things the Same’. The phones have the exact same design as that of the previously released iPhone X and quite similar features thus Huawei has trolled Apple for it.

The launch event of the new iPhones was quite a significant one in the smartphone market as Apple is one of the leading smartphone makers in the world. Huawei, another big name in the smartphone market felt that there is nothing new in the newly release iPhones and was vocal about its opinion over Twitter.

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Huawei tweeted, “Lots of fuss being made about a certain new* phone and its camera.*New, not better, smarter or brighter.”

In another tweet Huawei said, “Brighter, closer, sharper, better. Why settle for less when you deserve the best?”

Huawei also tweeted, “There’s more than a standard black and white in our palette. We reached for the stars to fill your world with gradient colour. Morpho Aurora on the HuaweiP20.

“Some phone companies stick to the same conventional colors every year. We look to the great beyond. Introducing Pearl White on the HuaweiP20.”

In a direct taunt, Huawei said, “Thank you for letting us be the real hero of the year. See you in London.16.10.18.”

Adding, “Thank you for supporting us as innovators. See you in London. 16.10.18.”

In the most recent tweet, Huawei was savage as the company tweeted, “Thank you for keeping things the same. See you in London. 16.10.18 HigherIntelligence HUAWEIMate20”

Huawei has also revealed the teaser for Mate 20 and Mate 20 pro that is expected to launch in London on October 16th.