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Huawei To Focus On Pig Breading And Farming In The Future


The Chinese telecommunications supplier Huawei is preparing to no longer be a major player in the international smartphone market in the long term. So now you are looking for new areas of work.

In the future, Huawei wants to be active in agriculture, among other things. However, this is not about the group building up a food division. Rather, one develops technologies with which automation can be advanced in the industry. One of the first products, for example, will be an AI-supported system that pig farmers can use to keep their livestock under control.

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In addition, other sectors have also been identified as potential new target groups. A report by the British BBC cites mining as another example. Here, Huawei wants to upgrade the digital systems in coal mining with its in-house technologies and thus conquer a wider market.

Animal breeding is a huge market

These are very promising industries for the company. There is a reason for targeting pig breeding first, for example: Here you have a large part of the world market on your doorstep. About half of all pigs raised in agriculture worldwide live in China. And the digitization of the sector continues to advance. Huawei’s AI systems are intended to help, among other things, to track the development of each individual animal and to recognize disease outbreaks in the herd much faster than before.

Among other things, Huawei uses the same algorithms that are otherwise used in facial recognition in order to be able to identify each pig individually, even in large systems. Based on this, the daily movement of each animal is tracked and the amount of feed is precisely calculated based on various factors.