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Huawei To Release EMUI 10 By August 9

Huawei to schedule a 3-day developer’s conference from August 9 till August 11, 2019, the president of Huawei terminal mobile phone product line, He Gang, issued a poster on his Weibo account covering the highlights of EMUI 10 which is officially rolling out on August 9.

Huawei has already announced to launch its 5G flagship Huawei Mate 20X 5G on August 9, along with its flagship launch Huawei is also rolling out the new revamped EMUI 10.

According to Gang, “We have been continuously working on a new, more stable, high-speed phone experience for our users, we are announcing EMUI 10 on August 9, let’s look forward to the details.”

The poster released by Gang reads, “Conquering the future with speed”, the EMUI 10 is definitely more focused on speed as Huawei users most of the time complain about the speed as compared to other premium smartphones like Apple and Samsung. The poster also suggests a new system, major upgrades, and fluent operations.

Huawei’s president of consumer business Wang Chenglu will announce the release of new EMUI 10 at the developer’s conference on the very first day, additionally, he will also unveil the mysterious technology of EMUI 10 breaking the terminal boundaries and improving the cross-terminal experience. The new EMUI 10 will be built on Android Q, it is also expected that Huawei might roll out EMUI to the recently released smartphones in the past year. What Huawei brings to the table on August 9, is worth watching.

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