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Human-Like Robotic Hand Can Copy Hand Movements Exactly: Video

Human hand Robotics

Robotics is the future of technology and we are not getting closer and closer to more robotic technology. An attempt made by a scientist Glenn Cameron explains this well.

Glenn Cameron has developed a project which is a robotic hand which focuses on human hand movements and mimic them in a similar fashion. The Robotic hand is the 4th generation containing Dynamixel XL430 motors and covered in a silicon body just like a human hand.

The video shows how the robotic hand is copying the hand movements of Glenn which is quite impressive. The scientist’s goal is to improve this technology and bring it for disabled people who have lost their limbs. The technology can help them perform human hand operations wearing this robotic hand.

Glenn says, “This video shows the fourth major version of my robot hand project. This version still isn’t perfect, but it’s getting closer to being able to do the full range of things a human hand can. The end goal is to make a device that significantly improves the lives of amputees.”

Glenn Explains How 4th Gen Robotics Hand Work
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