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Hurricane Irma Spreading Fear All Over Social Media

The Hurricane Irma named after Old German “Irmin” the War Goddess is really waging war around the Caribbean Sea and heading towards Florida, United States. The devastating hurricane is classed as one of a kind in the history. The hurricane has almost destroyed the entire Caribbean Island.

News sites are just covering the latest updates and videos about the Hurricane Irma, according to New York Times, the hurricane has wrecked Barbuda Island by 95%.

According to Independent, the hurricane is so strong even twice as strong as all the bombs used in World War II, that is really a fearful statement for all that could be affected by the recent wave of the hurricane.

ABC News is posting tips to survive the hurricane if someone is not able to evacuate the threatened area.

What could be the fate of Florida is still to watch, the War Goddess is coming after Florida anyway, people have to take it seriously and evacuate the area as soon as they can, governments should also take ad hoc measures to protect the civilians from the disaster.

Judd Davis has also warned two other siblings of Irma, Jose, and Katia that are already in the Gulf