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Blue Whale Challenge: Commit Suicide To Win The Game

Is winning so important, that you can die for it? Does logic end where obsession start? Are you so naïve that you can be manipulated to kill yourself just to complete a game?

There is a lot of talk about this game called Blue Whale. In the game, the player is given a lot of challenges and as he completes them he goes to another level. The challenges are like cutting your wrist or watch horror content late at night. The last & final challenge demands him to commit suicide.

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130 suicides in Russia and many more in UK and India have been reported.
The game is not available for all, the administrators have strong control of who to target as their victims. They send the link to their victims and via the link, they are able to access all information on their victim.

Quite recently the maker of this game has been imprisoned for three years for creating such a game that forces teenagers to commit suicide.
Parents are still highly cautioned about this game. An official release said, “Based on available information, it is clear that children in the 12-19 age group are most vulnerable to the Blue Whale Challenge and similar games.”

Therefore parents need to keep an eye on their children and take mood swings, lack of interest, depression indications in their children seriously.